What is Goober Kids Radio?

Goober Kids Radio is a podcast network specializing in content for kids and their families.

Are all of the shows free?


Where can I listen?

All episodes will be available on our website and various streaming sites.

How can I keep up with new episodes?

Join our mailing list (to the right!) to receive our newsletter and stay up to date with our many new episodes!

How do I participate in a show?

You can leave a message to be receive a shoutout on The Playhouse with Trevor by visiting the show's website. You can also contact us with any other inquiries. We love hearing from you!

How can I show Goober Kids Radio my support?

Goober Kids Radio is an independent network. If you enjoy our content, please share with family and friends to help us continue making our shows available to all listeners, absolutely free.

What kind of music do you play?

Our shows feature a variety of kindie music (independent kids' music), movie and musical soundtracks, family-friendly comedy songs, and every (fun) thing in between.

How do I support an artist that I enjoy?

We feature the songs that we play in both the episodes' liner notes and our playlists. We highly encourage you to visit artists' websites and purchase the music that you enjoy! If you have any trouble finding a song, feel free to contact us at and we would be happy to help.

How do I submit my music to Goober Kids Radio?

We are always accepting submissions. Contact us for more info.